Scan Systems

Our 2D/3D scanning system products are designed for large scale applications. They are based on a standardized, scalable GigEVision-camera framework which allows an easy adaption to different scan ranges from 0,5m up to 6m. With our sophisticated calibration and stitching algorithm the camera framework delivers a distortion free, scale- and brightness calibrated all-in-one image for the subsequent image processing. The systems are designed for scanning moving objects with speeds up to 100m/min and a pixel resolution of up to 25mm/px. To ensure highest inspection quality all our products are delivered pre-calibrated and can be easily re-calibrated at the customer site.


visitexLOC is an outstanding application for textile and carpet cutting machines. It locates shapes or structures to be cut and generates the cutting path for the cutting machine. A rich variance of shape detection modules and application features together with its modular licensing system allows a perfect tailoring of the software to the customer’s requirements.

To support the integration of our scanning systems into customer applications we provide the scanner-SDK package DmLib as a free supplement to the 2D/3D scan products. This package is designed as an API offering easy-to-use operation of our scanning systems including calibration and special image processing modules.

OEM Solutions

We know that there are a lot of projects which require a higher grade of adaption than even the most flexible system configuration can handle. So if you need our expertise in image processing and inspection systems feel free to contact us and tell us about your requirements. We are looking forward to your project.