Sensor Module

The sensor module represents the optical scan system comprised of one or more single cameras. The single camera images are internally stitched to one large, distortion free image.

  • Calibrate resolution XY/Z and perspective distortion correction
  • Calibrate Flat-Field-Correction to achieve a uniform brightness distribution covering the complete sensor image
  • Retrieve the scanned image
  • Configure
    • Scan parameter
    • Memory mode regarding the internal image buffer management
    • Light channel
  • Start/Stop scan process
  • Set callbacks for various scanning events like
    • Scan started/stopped
    • Image completed
    • News scan line added to image

Gearbox Module

The module offers functions to initialize and configure the sensors internal Gearbox which generates the sensors image acquisition trigger. The Gearbox allows scaling of the encoder pulse frequency in order to match the expected aspect ratio of the scanned image.

  • Configure
    • the working direction
    • the length of a scan-frame
    • the legth of the frame-end-pulse duration, a hardware signal which informs about the completion of a scanned frame.
  • Reset-and-hold the Gearbox in reset to allow synchronous starts with an external event. This is also available as hardware input signal.
  • Read the current encoder position